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Title: Escrow: different seller and owner
Post by: Bravoman1 on Jul 20, 2022, 02:03 AM
How legal is it (as I understand, there is a complicated US jurisdiction), if the names of the payee (seller) and domain owner are different?
Title: Re: Escrow: different seller and owner
Post by: Drupas on Jul 20, 2022, 02:42 AM
Escrow does not care about this for evident reasons, i.e. this is the responsibility of the admin and the seller (if they are different persons).
If the sum are less than $10,000 and occasionally, then there are unlikely to be questions about taxes. But you can also pay taxes.

Any case, if there are questions, they will be directed to the seller, after all, tranches come to him, and appointments (if any) are for the domain.
The state will assume that the domain belongs to seller and he sold it. (whois will already be a buyer by then).
That is, there seemed to be no admin, there was only a seller.

Theoretically, escrow cannot know "that everything is settled" and may ask why the admin and the seller are different persons and slow down the transaction.
Ask for some confirmation or documents. But everything went smoothly for me (for amounts less than $10,000)
Title: Re: Escrow: different seller and owner
Post by: richtedy on Oct 04, 2022, 04:59 AM
Fact - there will be no verification of the domain name transfer from the service.
Don't wait.
The transaction can be closed only with the consent of the Buyer.

They manually change the status of the transaction to another one at their discretion. They do not comply with deadlines.
I.e., working with them is relying on the "goodwill" of the Buyer.
It should be taken into account when working with .fr domains that the buyer cannot return the goods immediately, if his account is not verified with a Russian registrar, then he cannot return it at all (the registrar will request account verification before changing the admin).
In any case, this is my last contact with Escrow.

Healthy sleep is more expensive.
Let's see how they respond to my plans to contact the is clear that a conscientious seller will not run to the police (this is excluded).
What I lose is that I transferred the domain name in good faith in accordance with the terms of the transaction.
My opinion is that it will impress both sides.
Everything about getting dirty with crime is scarier for them than anything in the world.