Social networks as a tool for promoting and selling domain

Started by Charlesth, Aug 07, 2022, 10:13 AM

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Social networks are now obviously in trend, and impress with the reach of the audience.
In addition to solving marketing problems and promotion, this is a convenient, effective way of communication, direct access to the end user and the possibility of active domain names sales.

Who thinks what? What are the thoughts, ideas, successes.
After all, we need to look for modern ways, change with the market and the needs of potential customers, be where they are.
Everyone's opinion is interesting, especially people who know and have experience.


I haven't seen any successful social media domain name sale scheme. What are the options?
1. Advertising through the ad networks of these SMs? - Interest in domains or any goods of the user of the social network is minimal. He came there not for shopping, but to chat with friends and have fun watching photos / videos / news. Somewhere I saw an article that said that the behavior of the same person, depending on the site where he sees ads, is very different.

For instance, if we take 1000 people who enter the query "where to buy a TV?" into Google. Of these, about 50 people will click on a Google AdSense ad and a smaller part will buy the advertised product. If the same Facebook ad is shown to the same 1000 people, then not 50 people will click from them, but much less. Because at the time of visiting the social network for the user, the task of "buying a TV" is somewhere in the tenth plan. And when he directly searches in a search engine, this task really worries him.

2. Advertising in thematic groups / publics is an option, but for most real businesses there are really no such groups. They don't communicate on social media. Even we are talking about domain names not in classmates, but on a thematic forum.

3. Spamming everyone in a row - admins of social networks are struggling with this, and users are not pleased to see spam. Even if they need a domain name, they most likely won't buy it from a spammer.

4. Targeted output to specific potential ends. This option is certainly interesting, but time-consuming. You need to find all potential ends, find out who they can be responsible for buying domain names, then find this person on the social network, write him the right message. in principle, this is the same as sending out potential end users to e-mails, only a little more personal and with a greater chance of being read.
But here on the forum there were topics about mailing to end users - it seems like everyone agreed that it was unproductive. Those. 1 out of 1,000 emails may end up with a deal, but that's way too much time wasted to kill.


It seems to many that if registration in social networks is made free of charge and if posts in them can be published without payment, then the domain business will be promoted without investing at all.
But, alas, high-quality SMM promotion is impossible today without investment. And it's not just about targeted advertising and paid publications, thanks to which each company will be able to declare itself louder and find more customers.
Moreover, the preparation of photos, illustrations, videos for posts and even writing a good text for them often requires the use of paid services or the involvement of appropriate specialists who will need to be paid for the work. So, carefully consider all the nuances of your activities in social networks and plan your budget for domains selling.