Where you sell domains?

Started by Novel Web Solution, Aug 18, 2022, 10:21 AM

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I'm at the SEDO auction
I tried on Bido... 4CN both platforms result is zero...

who else where??? and which progress...
who would evaluate the sales websites.

The domain was CloudMacau.com just received an offer according to and all week passed -$ received

Now there is a great website about education in Macau
And I thought they took it under the cаsino .... The thoughts of end users are inscrutable


In my opinion, just in case, it is better to do listings on all possible websites. For instance, I do listings on: cax, afternic, sedo, dns
But, you need to remember that 95% of the people, well, I think, who can potentially find your domain there are: me, you, he, she are domainers.
Real end users (in the absence of a redirect to any of the websites) themselves found my domains only through GoDaddy (often GoDaddy buy service).
It is clear that if I redirect domains to Sedo, then End users can make offers through Sedo.
I'm talking about the case when the domain name is, for instance, a landing page and that's it. They find it through GoDaddy (that is from the websites if).


When a domain name is held by a person, or even more so by an organization that sells domains (BuyDomains, for example), it is much better than if this domain is occupied by some guy who, firstly, cannot be reached (contact details are crooked and/or people simply do not check the mailbox), and secondly, having reached out, you stumble upon either fabulous, completely unrealistic prices, for an average such domain name (a person does not know that the domain is simply not worth the money!) or he just doesn't want to sell it and that's it! A dead end situation.
The domain just weighs in the network and does not benefit either its owner (since it is not parked and the registrar's page is located there, with advertising %)) or the visitor (there is no content)!

Squatters, those with whom I had to deal, were, for the most part, quite adequate people, and it was possible to discuss the price with them.
Western people in general could even justify the price they are asking for a specific domain name. After all, they are still people interested in selling, which means that somehow, but still, you can come to something if this is the domain you need. With ordinary people, things are often much worse, they think like this: "Opaa! We must not be cheap!