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Started by Efremof, Aug 19, 2022, 01:22 AM

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Who used that service when buying and selling domains?
I'm trying to figure it out, as far as I understand, the process is something like this:

-Buyer transfers funds to Escrow.com account
-When the money arrives, Escrow.com checks that the domain name has been delivered to the buyer
-If the buyer confirms that everything is OK, the money goes to the seller.

Point 2 is confusing - how does Escrow.com check that the domain name has been transferred to the buyer?
What if I hand it over and the buyer says they didn't get anything?

Thank you for your replies.


As far as I remember, there seems to be 2 weeks for buyer to confirm.
Generally, you are selling a domain name, escrow informs you that the buyer has transferred money. You transfer the domain to the buyer by confirming the operation in your account on escrow. Escrow, upon seeing the change in whois, asks the buyer to confirm receipt within 2 weeks. Time is given for assessment / analysis, etc. If the buyer does not confirm, you will still receive money, but after the period indicated above. The main thing is that the whois should change to the buyer's data. The transaction will not work with private. Open data only.