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Started by zaza, Jul 10, 2022, 03:51 AM

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zazaTopic starter

Often the site is unavailable due to server overload or may crash at the moment of entering the main page. This is very upsetting, I hope in the future the creators will fix this point.


I also encountered this problem, but it was quickly resolved. Thanks to the site employees who solve problems at the same time and try to improve the quality of the site every day.


If you notice that something is not working on the web site as it should work according to the descriptions in the help section, then you can report it to the feedback form by selecting the subject of the appeal "Error in the web site". Try to specify as many details as possible: the environment (operating system, screen resolution, browser and extensions, connection information), where clicked, the expected and actual behavior of web site. If the cause of the problem is on our side, then that additional information will help us to see the full picture and reproduce the problem without wasting time on clarifying questions.

It should be borne in mind that the problem may be of a local nature, due to the specifics of the settings of a particular browser or network connection filter. Only a person with access to a specific device will be able to determine the cause of such a problem.
In that situation, our support service can only suggest the directions of searches, but the main task of diagnosing the problem falls on the owner of the device.