Can't decide with a domain zone

Started by brandsmith, Jul 29, 2022, 11:11 AM

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brandsmithTopic starter

I found a couple of variations in the .de domain zone for 10-11 characters, they are written easily, but to put it mildly, they do not sound as we would like.
The question arises, is it worth overpaying for other domain zones, such as: com, net, info, etc.?

Let's say in the .net zone I found a short domain for 6 characters, pretty good, sonorous, how are things with .net in general, are there any "pitfalls" that you need to know about? or there is no special sense, to take what is in .de? As I understand it, the key in the domain does not play a special role now?


I would advise you to stay on the .net domain zone.

You write that the name on this domain turns out to be more successful, which means that it is better to be deposited in the memory of potential visitors. Even if it costs more, it's still better to take .net.

In general, the main thing is what will be on the website, after all, the domain zone plays the last role in ranking.


If finances allow, then I recommend buying a domain in the .com zone.
If there is no money, then register in any domain zone. It won't affect anything.