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Started by Mazaykina, Sep 02, 2022, 12:40 AM

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These are registrars that offer .com domain registrations for less than $10.
They are good? Questions (exchange, customer service, renewal, etc.)?

Mainly interested in Dream host.


Dreamhost is more popular due to their hosting than their domain names. However, they do offer a .io domain at a low price as of the time that article was edited.

But here's the catch: after the first year, the renewal price rises to $39.95. So, if you're planning on using the domain name  for more than a year, you're better off with either Namecheap or Dynadot.

Namecheap offers the lowest prices for .io domain registration. At Namecheap, you'll have to shell out $28.88 to buy an .io domain. They also provide a free lifetime Whoisguard service. The renewal and transfer prices are slightly higher at $34.88 and $28.88 respectively.

I personally buy most of my domains from Namecheap. In fact, I bought a .io domain,, for one of my upcoming projects from Namecheap. And besides the prices, I prefer Namecheap because of their excellent customer support.

Namecheap has the best customer support of any domain name  registrar. I personally have a very pleasant experience with Namecheap both for their domain names and their hosting.

Namecheap's customer service executives are interested in solving your problem, whether it's related to Namecheap or not. In fact, the Namecheap executive spent over half an hour with me trying to fix a problem with Windows 7 (my Windows 7 didn't have a hosts file)

I liked their customer service so much that I decided to write a thank you note. I was expecting a copied thank you message in response.

Dynadot is an ICANN accredited registrar. It is very popular with domains because of the aggressive prices for buying domain names in bulk. As for retail prices, they are still at a low level, if not at the lowest.

Registering a .io domain will set you back $28.99, which is slightly higher than Namecheap's. However, Dynadot offers renewals and transfers for the same price as new domain registrations.

Namesilo is another ICANN accredited domain name  registrar and is very popular with domains. However, it offers a very outdated domain registration interface that is discouraging for retail buyers.

Also, while Namesilo is one of the cheapest .io domains to register, its price is slightly higher when compared to others on the list. Registering, renewing and transferring a .io domain will cost you $34.99, $41.99 and $34.99 respectively.

Gandi.Net is the last of the popular domain registrars on our list that offers affordable .io domain name registration. However, as with Namesilo, although it is cheap overall, it is far from the cheapest to register a .io domain.

On, you can buy and renew an .io domain name for $38. Transferring a .io domain is a bit cheaper at $35.

parita handa

collection +$0.18 for some (for instance, here is a list ) — the rest of the supplement is "as much as I want". the market — added a lot — will go to competitors. and the costs — accreditation, infrastructure, etc.

* now "pure registrars" as mobile operators — they take on related services (there are probably no pure 100% "only domain names" anymore): hosting, etc...
** GoDaddy, for example — permanent discounts. domain .com (reg\trans) for $0.99+$0.18 by code for one acc and 20%-40% codes by email.