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Started by Bubunt, Aug 14, 2022, 10:14 AM

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Tell me please, all websites providing hosting, there is a function of registering domain names, how can I get the right to register domain names and register them from my website?


You can become an ICANN accredited registrar (but I think that is not your option, you need to have at least $ 100,000 for this).

otherwise, you can become a reseller of one of the ICANN accredited registrars (eg,,, and so on). To do this, buy a billing panel (for instance, rootpanel or Western whmcs), open a reseller account and sell registration on your website. This will cost you several hundred dollars.

It is also possible to become a reseller's reseller (if you have a small volume of sales and there is no point in placing a 500 dollar deposit to or paying an annual fee at