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Started by kpripper, Aug 12, 2022, 04:12 AM

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Which is the difference between a web redirect and an alias?
There is a website site.it and othersite.com I want that when the user types othersite.com it will be redirected to site.it. And if you make an alias, what will happen. Explain pleas.


An alias, domain mirror is a domain pointing to the same folder as the "main" domain. Redirection, redirect, forwarding is a special message to the client software to look for the requested resource elsewhere (with the new address attached to the message).

Make a separate website for the old domain and place .htaccess in its root containing directives for redirecting to the new website. Or use a third party service. In the GoDaddy, the domain redirection service seems to cost $2 per year. Parking lots - $1 per year.

And hurry up so as not to lose credibility for the SEs and visitors coming from the old links.