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Started by kpripper, Aug 12, 2022, 04:12 AM

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Which is the difference between a web redirect and an alias?
There is a website site.it and othersite.com I want that when the user types othersite.com it will be redirected to site.it. And if you make an alias, what will happen. Explain pleas.


An alias, domain mirror is a domain pointing to the same folder as the "main" domain. Redirection, redirect, forwarding is a special message to the client software to look for the requested resource elsewhere (with the new address attached to the message).

Make a separate website for the old domain and place .htaccess in its root containing directives for redirecting to the new website. Or use a third party service. In the GoDaddy, the domain redirection service seems to cost $2 per year. Parking lots - $1 per year.

And hurry up so as not to lose credibility for the SEs and visitors coming from the old links.


Despite the fact that alias and redirect lead to the same scenario for the user, technically they are different.
Aliases show content from the main page at different addresses. The redirect changes the link and actually sends the person to another website.

Redirection is triggered automatically when you try to enter the name of a popular site with an error.
For instance, facbook.com automatically redirects to the official page of the social network, that is, to facebook.com . And here's how Pinterest redirection works:
The redirect also sends the 301 or 302 code to the search engine, depending on the server settings. So he makes it clear to the search engine whether it is worth indexing the address from which the redirection worked (301), or it can be deleted (302).