Where is the best/more profitable place to register and renew domain names?

Started by Bubunt, Aug 04, 2022, 12:27 AM

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I propose to discuss registrars where it is more profitable to buy and renew domain names.
I mean that the cost of the domain should be approximately equal to its renewal, and not like some - the price for the domain is $1, and the renewal is almost $50)
I buy domains on Beget - registration in the .de zone is $5, renewal - $10. Their advantage is a reduction in the cost of registration and renewal, depending on how many domains you have already registered. If there are from 11 to 100, then the cost is reduced to $3 for registration and renewal.


Depends on the domain zone and what kind of benefit do you want to get? (save money?) As a rule, renewal is not profitable for everybody, only the first year!

I register domains with trusted providers. 2domains, hosting provider. All other zones in inwx.

I realized a long time ago that you don't need to chase cheap domains, it's better to have a reliable provider.

In fact, $2 or even $10 for one site is not important ... if we are talking about several websites, of course you should think - why pay more?
I had several domains and I kept them for more than one year for 2domains, I was satisfied with the price tag, well, they still raised it)
About a year ago, I jumped with one site to reg because of free ssl for a year ... now the year is ending and soon I will have to pay for a certificate + domain ... Now, if it were not for the certificate, I would not even twitch with the renewal of one domain for $10, but in total it turns out to be a little expensive, even for one site) Now you can think :)