Where is the best/more profitable place to register and renew domain names?

Started by Bubunt, Aug 04, 2022, 12:27 AM

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I propose to discuss registrars where it is more profitable to buy and renew domain names.
I mean that the cost of the domain should be approximately equal to its renewal, and not like some - the price for the domain is $1, and the renewal is almost $50)
I buy domains on Beget - registration in the .de zone is $5, renewal - $10. Their advantage is a reduction in the cost of registration and renewal, depending on how many domains you have already registered. If there are from 11 to 100, then the cost is reduced to $3 for registration and renewal.


Depends on the domain zone and what kind of benefit do you want to get? (save money?) As a rule, renewal is not profitable for everybody, only the first year!

I register domains with trusted providers. 2domains, hosting provider. All other zones in inwx.

I realized a long time ago that you don't need to chase cheap domains, it's better to have a reliable provider.

In fact, $2 or even $10 for one site is not important ... if we are talking about several websites, of course you should think - why pay more?
I had several domains and I kept them for more than one year for 2domains, I was satisfied with the price tag, well, they still raised it)
About a year ago, I jumped with one site to reg because of free ssl for a year ... now the year is ending and soon I will have to pay for a certificate + domain ... Now, if it were not for the certificate, I would not even twitch with the renewal of one domain for $10, but in total it turns out to be a little expensive, even for one site) Now you can think :)


It is better to avoid domain name zones where cheap domains are sold.
You should not use domain zones where domains are distributed for free, for example, tk - Tokelau. As a rule, domain names from such zones are actively used for doorway – a site that does not carry any information, but only redirects the user to another resource and link spam.

We come to the conclusion that the domain costs money. You will give about $10 a year for popular domain zones, a bonus for beginners – many resources give a significant discount for the first year of using the domain.
It should be understood that the domain cannot be bought forever, because the ultimate owner of all domains is ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – Corporation for the Management of Domain names and IP addresses). So you only rent a domain name for a certain period of time, and then renew your domain in a timely manner as long as you plan to use it.

There are many services that are intermediaries of ICANN and perform its functions: register domains, support domains for their clients, etc.
The most popular: WebNames, Go Daddy, Sedo.com, namecheap.