Where to register free domain names

Started by Кошабака, Aug 22, 2022, 10:46 AM

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КошабакаTopic starter

Hi. Tell me where you register free domain names for a long time. I'll unsubscribe right away, .tk and .ml are free for only a year.
for a test website, any zone and any level, the main thing is that it would be as long as possible.


The biggest difficulty there is not to forget to renew domain in time.
I do not remember if they notify about the need for an extension or not. I set up my notification, or rather used the standard one from one of our services, only adjusted the dates so that notifications start to be sent not a month before, but within 15 days before (two notifications instead of four).
P.S. Two more irrelevant ones can come to remind me when I forget to update domain the reminder itself.


One of the most popular companies where you can register a free domain is Freedom.com. At the moment , you can get free domains in the zones .TK, .ML, .GA, .CF, .GQ.
you can also get a free domain on web site builders. Popular platforms wix.com or ucoz  provide level 3 domains for free when using their platform.
You will host the site under a free domain of the form username.wixsite.com/websiteaddress or mywebsite.ucoz.net .
Such domains are suitable only for training or testing services.