Advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting.

Started by linaqwqwq, Dec 03, 2022, 03:37 AM

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The only merit of gratis web-hosting is economy, as it is completely free. The website owner gets free server space and a global reach on the WWW.
But this excellence is outweighed by a plenty of flaw, such as the lack of a separate domain name; limited bandwidth and speed; a lot of advertising; and no customer service.


Free hosting services provide an opportunity for novice webmasters to experiment without risking losing money for domain and hosting fees.
Many webmasters started their activities with free hosting. Then they switch to paid ones. Now there are many different services on the Internet and new sites are created on them every day. What is the expression of such popularity?

Of course, the main advantage is free of charge. This attracts many, and especially beginners who are just getting to know the world of web construction and do not want to risk money.

The second advantage of free web hosting is that they provide website builders (CMS) or ready-made templates. This gives them great popularity among people who do not have knowledge of web programming languages, but have a burning desire to have their own website.

The third advantage and at the same time disadvantage of free hosting is that they provide a free third-level domain. Of course, this is good for beginners, since you don't have to register a domain anywhere and pay money for it. But experienced webmasters do not like the third-level domain.
But, many free hosting companies provide a second-level domain service, although here you already have to pay.

But, in contrast to all the advantages of free hosting, there are disadvantages. The first drawback has already been mentioned, namely the third-level domain. The second drawback is the mandatory advertising of the host on your site. Thus, the host, as it were, compensates for your free service.

In addition, many free hosting providers impose a limit on certain site parameters, such as minimum volume, traffic and much more.
And, of course, the stability of hosting – free hosting is not responsible for the performance of its servers. At best, in case of failures, you will lose visitors, at worst, the entire site as a whole.