Advantages of free hosting

Started by ggroni743, Jul 05, 2022, 07:38 AM

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The main plus, of course, is the lack of payment, experience in creating websites is not required, I also want to note that the built-in site designers are improving every year, there are many templates that will make your site beautiful and unique.


Of course, and at first glance it is really tempting. But basically - these are the so-called one-day sites. Mostly novice teenagers, pensioners or housewives who are inexperienced with web design like to 'make' such sites. :-\  But, to be honest, I met in my practice several free sites that could be of great interest.


Of course, this is a very convenient thing. There are services that provide everything - the latest versions of php, and MySQL databases, and relatively unlimited disk space. But at the same time, these guys mercilessly cut the allowable processor power, the speed of access to the resource, even the ability to run cron for the most necessary services.
I have my business card site on one such resource. Attendance there is small, therefore - it works for itself, and it works. Since 2013. Doesn't ask for money. Thanks to Cloudflare services, it is available from anywhere in the world with quite acceptable speed.
With Wordpress and a huge number of plugins and themes for it, creating a decent site becomes affordable even for a housewife with a complete lack of knowledge in elementary HTML skills.
I made a website for a friend of his job search agency. For a year the site was on free byethost, it was being promoted. A friend himself there, in the admin panel, posted news, articles. I had nothing to do with this. With an increase in the number of visitors, the project grew, first moved to a good, fast hosting in Frankfurt, now VPS is rented there.
Satisfied with the success of a friend.
And further. The site was on some reseller host from byethost, but more "advanced" than the original.
I don't want the moderators to think it's advertising, but I'll mention the service: infinityfree. Not bad, as for free, in my opinion.
I will be glad if it is useful to someone. :)


Hi! I would attribute the advantages to the fact that you can quickly and easily host a website in free hosting, as well as get ready-made layouts and templates for website development. Well, you don't have to pay anything :) For a novice user, this is a very good, and most importantly, affordable option.
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Quote from: Chayka on Jul 10, 2022, 12:19 AMHi! I would attribute the advantages to the fact that you can quickly and easily host a website in free hosting, as well as get ready-made layouts and templates for website development. Well, you don't have to pay anything :) For a novice user, this is a very good, and most importantly, affordable option.

I agree. But the layouts and themes on these hosts tend to be quite simple. I think it's easier to install Wordpress. There are thousands, tens of thousands of themes, templates, a huge number of plugins. Including completely free ones. And even a schoolboy will cope with the "administrative panel". Everything is intuitive.


Advantages of free hosting
The main plus is free of charge. You really don't have to pay anything. You just need to register on the free hosting service, get confirmation by email, log in with your username and password – and that's it!
You can start creating a site.
Free domain. When registering on a free web hosting service, you are provided with a free domain, which is usually the third level and includes the name of the service.

Availability of site templates. Many popular hosting web sites allow you to create sites without knowledge of HTML, CSS and programming languages, using ready-made templates. This is very convenient for beginners in the field of the Internet and web site building. A couple of mouse clicks, and your site is completely ready to work.
Ease of site placement. It may take only a few minutes from registration before your site becomes available online.

Disadvantages of free hosting
Disk space limitations. Several tens, less often hundreds of megabytes on the server are allocated to one web  site. This is normal for home pages, but for serious business projects or a site with video, graphics and music is clearly not enough. In fairness, I note that paid web  hosting also allocates limited space, but it can always be increased there (for a fee).

Advertising the service on your website. The web hosting provider (the company providing you with the hosting service) must somehow "beat off" the costs of hosting your web site for free. The easiest way is advertising. You do not pay money for web  hosting, and for that the hosting provider places his advertising banner on your site. It may completely not correspond to the theme of your web  site, irritate visitors or close part of your content.
The third-level domain does not belong to you.
The name of your site belongs to the hosting provider . If you go to another one, you will lose the domain. In some particularly neglected cases, the hosting provider does not provide a third-level domain, but a subfolder on its site. This is worse because search engines usually show only one page from the site. Since the free web hosting subfolders for the search engine are pages of the same site, the web sites on the free hosting compete with each other.

And if one web site is shown, for example, in Yandex, all the others are automatically hidden from the search results.
Restrictions on server technologies. All elements related to interaction with the web  site visitor (forms, comments, registrations, forums, etc.), as well as complex sites require the use of certain programs and scripts.
Not all of them are available to users of free hosting.
There is no trust in the sites. Placing a commercial company's site on a free web hosting is a bad sign. Hosting is not so expensive. Immediately there is doubt about the reliability of the company.

For personal pages, that disadvantage is insignificant.
Unreliability of hosting. The reliability of free web hosting leaves much to be desired. The  hosting provider is not responsible for any failures and downtime of servers. When contacting technical support, you can not wait for an answer to your question or troubleshooting at all. Irretrievable file losses, alas, also happen. In case of manipulations with the server, user web  sites will also not work, and in case of server overload, the access speed will drop sharply.
You are not the owner of your site. At any time, your web site can be removed from the server without explanation. Just in case, you need to save a backup copy on your computer more often.