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Started by miaedwards, Sep 15, 2022, 09:55 AM

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miaedwardsTopic starter

Please advise reliable free webhosting with php and mysql.
You can also advise a paid inexpensive reliable web hosting!
I am waiting for your advises.

sergiocharm never failed!
there are negative statistics (use, negative statistics is that your account is temporarily blocked when transferred to commerce if the project has an attendance of 2000-3000 thousand / day and does not give any written guarantees.)

Another great web hosting
Here are its advantages.
Free hosting
100 GB for your files
1000 GB of traffic
Unlimited number of domains!
Unlimited number of FTP accounts.
Unlimited number of MySQL databases.
The ability to attach your own domain.
Unlimited number of subdomains.
Database management via phpMyAdmin
cPanel account control panel.
Technical support.


AwardSpace free hosting has proven itself quite well. I advise it for the reason that it has passed a certain "test of time" and can be considered reliable in this segment.

In particular, it offers the following options: 1GB of space, 5GB bandwidth, MySQL, and 24/7 instant support.

A distinctive feature of this hoster is the availability of a convenient CMS (Zacky) and the ability to place your own advertising for monetization. ;)

kevin66 - with PHP and MySQL - a very tempting offer among all the others - the parameters differ very favorably even from many paid hosting. 2GB of disk and 100GB of traffic! Various exotic Ruby On Rails and other popular functions used by webmasters (CURL, XML DOM, GD Library) are supported, and most importantly, all this is absolutely ad-free. - PHP , MySQL database, 1250Mb of disk space, unlimited traffic, the ability to automatically install and configure a content management system or forum. Advertising is required. There is an opportunity to expand the possibilities for an additional fee. - Multi-level free hosting of professional level - allocates 3000 MB of disk space, 10 GB of traffic on hosting with support for PHP, MySQL , cPanel . Plus, if you install a banner on website, the hosting parameters will become even better.