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Started by JohnS, Jul 25, 2022, 11:25 PM

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Faced some problem. My site is placed on a free hosting. I decided to master cloud technologies and transfer it there, along with another 5-10 resources. But the problem arose already on the first website.

Increased site loading time. And I think that there are bad setting of the panel and the dns server. Technical support (which kindly helps to transfer the resource to their open spaces) said that the problem is with the software on the client side and they can't help in any way, because this is my problem. Restart the virtual machine and be happy.

But it turns out the resource rests for 1-5 minutes once a day. No matter how significant, but for me it is problematic. + Sometimes it seems that virtual machine overloading does not help either.

Please help with your advice.


Download speed depends of both the client side and the hosting. If all clients complain about the site, then most likely the problem is in the hosting.
Maybe you have a very weak tariff, they gave you a bad webserver. Directly say that you have complaints about the work of hosting and require you to transfer the site to another server.
Otherwise, you have a lot of resources and the server capacity allocated to you cannot cope with the load.

You have 3 ways to resolve problems:
1) go back from where you came from
2) Increase the capacity of hosting server by switching to a more expensive tariff (there you are already guided by the configuration)
3) switch to another hosting provider


If at least one of these problems is found on the promoted web site, it is necessary:
1. Contact the hosting support service with a request to solve the identified problems. You may need to switch to a more expensive tariff.

You can't ignore hosting problems! They need to be resolved BEFORE you start investing in site promotion.
2. Try to optimize the scripts of your web site.
Perhaps they slow down the server. To do this, you need to give the appropriate task to web developers.

3. Change hosting if the problem is not solved in other ways. This process is very complex, time-consuming, requiring special and up-to-date knowledge.

To choose a reliable hosting, you can compare the offers of companies that appear in the top search engines for the query "hosting", listen to the recommendations on specialized forums or read reviews.

CSS Optimization
Using a CSS file, you should ensure that it loads quickly using compression or compression. It should also be optimized. Consider an example:

Correct web site encoding settings
Another element of web site code is encoding, which is given to both the user and search engines.