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Started by Kovtalo, Jun 27, 2022, 04:55 AM

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Before paying for a hosting service, I utilized Byet host to conduct some testing. However, I would not recommend their services due to my negative experience. Initially, their free plan appeared somewhat decent but progressively worsened over time. Their servers were sluggish, the storage capacity was restricted (as expected with a free host), and my account was terminated without justification.

Despite remaining well under the set limits, Byet Host believed I was utilizing too many resources, leading to my account suspension. Furthermore, FTP or web FTP access was no longer available, leading to the loss of files and a website. While Byet Host may be suitable for minimal experimentation over a few days, I would not entrust them with anything else.
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I am often perplexed by individuals who are dissatisfied with a FREE web hosting account. After all, what were their expectations? Were they anticipating a luxurious experience akin to a 5-star hotel?

I don't wish to criticize the original poster, but after observing the numerous complaints on WHT for over a decade about free or low-cost web hosting priced at $5, I am compelled to ask: did you sign up believing it was a comprehensive Cadillac plan with backups and endless support? Would you operate a business in this manner?
When something is free, one should anticipate receiving commensurate value. In other words, you get what you pay for.


Byet is appropriate if you wish to learn coding, but it is not recommended for hosting critical websites, even for free.
One major issue with Byet is their excessively stringent bot/javascript check, which causes Google to improperly index sites. Years ago, I contacted them and assisted them in resolving this issue. However, the workaround is not satisfactory, resulting in Google often failing to properly index sites and becoming stuck in a bot check loop before moving on after expending its site crawl budget.
While the hosting is dependable, one must log in to their account on a regular basis (approximately once a month) to maintain it. During peak hours, the site may be slow or even offline at times.

Their "Free cpanel" is not actually Cpanel but rather a hosting panel named Vistapanel with a Cpanel-style skin on top deceiving people. If necessary, one can examine the page's source code to verify this.
Byet powers most of the free hosting options due to its reseller plan and extensive longevity, making it difficult to locate hosts that are not Byet or awardspace and will remain in operation.
My primary criticism of Byet pertains to the frequency of emails they send, essentially spamming your mailbox with at least two upgrade emails per week. Most of these emails wind up in my spam folder.
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I have been using this hosting for several years. Nothing special, just a small personal site and a project that is slowly developing. Plus for a friend, a few years ago, he placed a small service there.
There were also problems with disabling access - supposedly, my site consumes a lot of resources, or there are frequent calls to the MySQL database... The reason, as it turned out, was the installation of Wordpress by an installer from their supposedly "–°panel". I don't know what's in the code, but Wordpress did generate a lot of calls to the databases, and the server's processor was seriously loaded. There are very small limits.
Demolished it, installed a clean version of WP. I made backups of the entire account - I just downloaded it to my computer with a file manager. Made a backup of the database. The sites themselves were transferred under DNS Cloudflare, at the same time the speed of access to the servers increased. Cloudflare also provides automatic SSL renewal, which the hosting itself does not allow. And pens constantly do not want to update certificates.
My mail is all on the free Yandex domain service. Works great.
Bottom line: I have everything absolutely free, everything works. A student's dream is simple.  ;D  For small tasks quite acceptable hosting.
Yes, I pay my registrar for one of the domains. The rest of the domains, like and, are from Freenom and are also free.


Byethost does not pull sites configured for automatic parsing of news from other wpgrabber sites with the WPGrabber plugin,
I had to switch to another hosting. There are two sites, the crown is set up, the price is adequate - they work perfectly and are updated.


On two occasions, I attempted to build a website; both times, the same issue transpired. The site was quickly created and fully functional, with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. I subsequently uploaded content via FTP; however, after some time, only the initial page (index.htm) remained published, displaying advertisements for byethost when clicking on links from it.
During my first attempt, I assumed it was due to a redirect that I had viewed, leading to the old site. I decided to start anew.

but, the same issue occurred again. Once about 100 MB was downloaded from the primary page, instead of internal links, ads appeared. Additionally, accessing the FTP and panel were no longer feasible.
It seems like the site was implemented merely to attract traffic or may have links to a Trojan virus. Nobody knows for sure.
Regardless, my impression is that this is not genuine web hosting.