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Started by nesterland, Sep 08, 2022, 02:28 AM

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nesterlandTopic starter

Maybe somebody knows a good free hosting on C# ASP.NET technology?
I don't need a VPS. Just WINDOWS hosting.


Found this one - https://somee.com/FreeAspNetHosting.aspx I have registered, I will try.
On somee.com monthly traffic of 5GB is very small. Therefore, if the server where the site is located is temporarily stopped, then there is no remote connection to the database. Then your site will simply not load without any messages.
For tests https://smarterasp.net . They have a trial period of 60 days. Probably, after the expiration, you can re-register from another email. In order not to enter a long address, you can take a short domain for free here: http://www.dot.tk


The advantages of a Windows server are only in the alleged possibility of faster access to its functions, but this is not essential. In any case, there are providers that provide this type of hosting freely. I advise you to pay attention to this: https://freeasphosting.net/ - full support for ASP.NET core, 5GB of disk space and MS SQL database.