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Started by lamnzxzfd, Oct 24, 2022, 08:49 AM

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Good day!

A few months ago I started to study web technologies diligently, and then I also need to go to university for work. I'm slowly getting used to PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL from books and manuals, but I got tired of using a local server and wanted something "real").
 Unfortunately, there are no funds to pay for good hosting (I am a poor student with an income of $200.), but I really want to find a good free hosting for my needs.
I didn't find any decent information in Google because I don't even know what requirements to present. So, I cordially ask you to help you, dear friends, in choosing a FREE hosting.
Maybe someone from their experience will help with good advice)Thank you in advance for your help.


And what prevents you from installing a server at home? Denwer, for example... well, or stupidly Apache. All this is under the God-abominable Windows.
Paid hosting costs $2 a month, the cheapest. If you are not ready to pay such money for training, then fuck from the Internet.

The best free hosting is on your computer.
put the lamp on until you have enough, at the very least denwer.
In general, there are special resources on IT topics, start with toster, or rather get ready to settle there if you really decided to take a serious approach to training.


Learning to develop on free hosting - how to lose your virginity with a rubber woman.

If you want to fight the limitations of free web hosting instead of studying technology - go ahead.
if you don't want to, buy virtual hosting for at least half a dollar a month and study quietly.
And for $2 - and in general something worthy can be taken.
I don't think a student doesn't drink beer and can't save two bucks.


FreeHosting stands out for its relatively high resource limits.
Unlimited speed and 10 GB storage is much more than the offers of other free hosts.
Unlike many free hosting providers, FreeHosting does not provide a subdomain (for example ). This has both advantages and disadvantages. Your site will look more professional with your own domain name, but again, domain names cost money.
If you don't have a domain on another hosting yet, then you will have to pay to get started. And although a domain name is usually inexpensive, 1&1 IONOS provides a free domain for a year at an inexpensive Business rate. It is usually cheaper to buy such a premium tariff, rather than an independent domain, and get a good hosting along with it.

cPanel – the popular cPanel is available on a free tariff, it will allow you to change the settings of the hosting location. It also has the Softaculous application installer, which will allow you to easily install more than 480 applications.
Apache/PHP Management – FreeHosting provides all PHP functions. Also, if necessary, you can configure Apache.
Paid features are available – it is noteworthy that FreeHosting allows you to buy paid features for a one-time fee. These include SSH access, subdomains, SSL and other functions.
Free email – you will receive one email address on your tariff with the ability to buy more addresses if necessary.