Disadvantages of free hosting

Started by 1234567471234, Aug 05, 2022, 01:34 PM

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What are the main disadvantages of free hosting? Is it really that convenient and cheep as it seems to be? Because it seems really weird to get it all for free. There should be some drawbacks of using free ways to host websites.


The downside is free hosting. Your site can be "destroyed" at any time. Moreover, destroy it without explaining anything to you and irrevocably. If you give preference to free hosting, then remember that your site is always under threat. Your competitors can simply report to your hosting provider that you are allegedly stealing content from them or spamming, and that's all, your site can be permanently and irrevocably deleted and all your efforts to fill and promote it will disappear.


"Sudden deletion" of the site is not the main drawback of free hosting, moreover, this happens quite rarely and depends on the host. The main disadvantages of the "free" I attribute primarily:
1. The presence of advertising banners and / or self-opening advertising pages placed by the provider on your pages.
2. Limited amount of space for your site on the host provider's server.
3. Lack of support (limited functionality) of various software and advanced scripting programming languages ��(php, python, etc.).
4. Lack of ability to work with databases. :-\