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Title: Disk space for site hosting?
Post by: Plan on Jul 12, 2022, 03:40 AM
Good day forum users.
Tell me how much disk space is needed to buy  for a small site.
The site on the WordPress engine. It will have only articles and several pictures for articles, no forums, and downloads from visitors.
Title: Re: Disk space for site hosting?
Post by: linavi390 on Jul 12, 2022, 03:52 AM
WordPress itself is about 10M. The base, in principle, does not count ... kilobytes ...
Well, plus pictures. 50 megabytes is enough for the eyes. Such tariffs were offered in the distant 20th century)))
Now everything is unlimited, so don't worry about the place at all. Smartape, for example, gives you unlimited access for a ridiculous price. So choose the tariff you like from any hosting company. You can't go wrong with the place.
Title: Re: Disk space for site hosting?
Post by: Amritasha on Jul 12, 2022, 07:54 AM
For a small information site, the simplest hosting with a minimum tariff is quite suitable. For example, DreamHost hosting has a minimum plan of $2.59 per month. This rate includes hosting one site. But you can choose a larger tariff plan, which includes up to 10 sites.
Title: Re: Disk space for site hosting?
Post by: arthyk on Jul 18, 2022, 06:26 AM
If you plan to develop your site, then the size of the required disk space will certainly grow. Even in the case of simple visits to the site, its volume is increased by logs. It should also be noted that WordPress uses its plugins to create backups.
Installing WordPress without themes ~ 50-60 Mb, images from stocks up to ~ 6-10 Mb, and the same amount from a smartphone. Based on these data, it is easy to estimate the size you need.
Title: Re: Disk space for site hosting?
Post by: TDSko on Sep 12, 2022, 12:54 PM
How much disk space does a WordPress web site need?
The amount of space required to install WordPress is approximately 8.9 MB.
However, the space occupied by the downloaded files is about 825 MB, and when installing the plugin, another 100 MB will be added to the above volume. On average, each WordPress template takes up 25 MB, and the MYSQL database takes up 85 MB of your disk space.

So, to run a WordPress web site, you will need an average of 1 GB of free space. Most WordPress web hosting plans offer 1 GB of disk space or more. But if you want to manage the WordPress network at the same time, you will need a lot more resources to support them.

Considering whether your web site is a simple blog, store, corporate enterprise or multimedia platform, you will need different amounts of free space to implement your plans. The more elements, scripts, images, videos and content you want to publish, the more space you will need to store them.

What is bandwidth?

How much disk space and bandwidth does WordPress need?

In addition to disk space (and even more so), you need to consider bandwidth usage. Bandwidth is the amount of data exchanged between users and the server over the course of a month.
For instance, if you have a 2 MB page, each visit to that page will take up 2 MB of your bandwidth. So, for 100 visitors per day, you need 200 MB of daily and 6 GB of monthly bandwidth.

Choosing the right bandwidth is very important. Especially on high-performance web sites and download sites where large amounts of data are exchanged between users and the server. If you used up a month's bandwidth, your web site would immediately shut down.

What monthly bandwidth does my WordPress web site need?
Your monthly WordPress size depends on the number of visitors to your web site and the size of your pages. Remember that 90% of sites use only 5 GB of monthly bandwidth. So, if you buy a 100 GB data plan for a small web site, by the end of the month you will find that most of it will be useless.

Only sites with millions of views within a month need huge (or unlimited) tariff plans. So do not succumb to advertising, which encourages small web sites to spend a lot of money on server resources.