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Started by heenamajeed, Oct 02, 2022, 03:10 AM

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heenamajeedTopic starter

On the website hosting mysite1.com made a subdomain
in DNS hosting in mysite1.com added an entry of type A
it turned out

Host: test.mysite1.com
Record Type: A

It's been 12 hours. checking my domain test.mysite1.com through the nslookup command, but the IP address of webhosting is still returned.
What am I doing wrong ?
Why when referring to test.mysite.com is my IP address not being substituted?


default TTL is 1 day, maybe that's why, that is, you have to wait a day, not 12 hours. 86400 is minutes, Delhi is 3600. If you can, then change it to 3600 aka 1 hour.
Next time, pre-watch the serial before the changes and after, the counter should increase by one with each change, this will indicate that the zone has been updated.
Use that command to look at your nameserver and others:
nslookup -q=soa mysite1.com

Most dns hosting services, providing the possibility of adding a subdomain, imply only a subdomain in the name of the record, and not its full FQDN.
Perhaps the following incident happened to your record:


Do you want to specify to register an additional A-record of domain X the ip address of domain Y on another hosting? Or make a subdomain for domain X and specify via CNAME that it should be opened on another hosting? For example aaa.x.com where x.com it will open on the first hosting, and aaa.x.com on the other?

Or do you want to use DNS to redirect so that when you enter the domain name X, which is currently on the first hosting, the site Y opens on another hosting and with a different domain name?
In the first case, if the domain is delegated to the ns of the hosting provider then the host should be redirected independently either through the hosting control panel (cPanel, ISPmanager, DirectAdmin and others), or through technical support.