Free hosting for a small site?

Started by JohnS, Aug 04, 2022, 09:43 AM

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JohnSTopic starter

There is a website consisting of only a few html pages. On one page there is a modal window on jQuery (JavaScript library, if that). please advise free hosting for this website.
Thanks a lot.


Guys, never look for free hosting server. Why? because you will not even be able to present a claim to your hosting provider.
And as a rule, the quality of services of that hosting provider is completely ill.

It is better to choose an inexpensive but stable hosting server, pay a penny and work, for example, I advise either Comodo (I keep three resources there, there are no complaints, especially for such prices) or, if there is a lot of money, then GoDaddy (I keep a very energy-intensive resource , also no complaints)

Jacques Chapman

No matter how many pages you have and no matter how small the site you plan to keep, free hosting is not an option. Okay, the choice is yours, especially if you are purely for the test.
Of course, I will suggest This is a hosting from a well-known engine, but offering a free hosting option, of course, you will be greatly curtailed in the possibilities, but still.
Wix is ��for those who do not want to delve into the code settings for a long time and love bright and flashy templates.
Weebly is another free hosting option with its own features.
Well, do not forget about the blogger, although it is more focused on blogging, although you can turn it into a real site (there is some kind of css, but it's kind of).


As you know, the performance of the jQuery library (located at does not depend on the software provided by any hosting provider. Features of the pages that use it depend only on the user's browser and its settings. Therefore, it does not matter which provider you choose. I advise you to pay attention to the ads loaded on your pages, this is a really unpleasant feature of free hosts. ;)