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Started by KiranaTama, Oct 20, 2022, 09:34 AM

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KiranaTamaTopic starter

Dear forum users, there is one question, maybe someone has encountered this.
Somehow, while walking on the Net, I came across a free hosting for an online store, well, it is very convenient despite its free of charge, web site impressed, but the name flew out of my head altogether.
So, the question is, who knows the average quality of free hosting, I understand that free cheese is only in a mousetrap, but I don't need to open an online store, but I need to find something for a friend, she needs something for her studies, maybe someone like me stumbled upon similar hosts, share, be kind.


Free hosting is recommended for personal use web sites, for example, for a blog with a small flow of visitors.
If you need to choose a good hosting for online stores and public sites, then free hosting should be avoided for several reasons:

Data is at risk
By providing a free hosting service, the company can permanently delete the site data without the owner's knowledge.

Unstable operation of the site
The hosting provider is not responsible for the constant availability of the site.

Limited features
Free hosting provides minimal resources for the site, which often becomes insufficient. Additional features cost money.

There is no unique site name
On free sites, only subdomains of the main web site name are provided to customers for free, for example: . Such subdomains are poorly remembered and do not inspire confidence among potential visitors.

Advertising is everywhere
In order to recoup the use of the free service, the hosting provider does not skimp on advertising, which will be displayed in the most prominent place of your site. To disable ads, you need to pay.

Hostinger, I think, will do.

Sue Nelson

I would not be surprised if you said that the site is needed for informational purposes or for study, but free hosting for an online store? These two terms themselves - "free hosting" and "online store" are incompatible. Of course, there are many good free hostings, such as or Infinityfree, but using them for an online store is a dubious matter. I recommend trying some hosting with a free period of 14 or 30 days, and then, if you don't like it, make a refund.


If you do not leave the idea of creating an online store on a free web hosting, then it is really possible.
Free hosting is suitable for non-commercial projects, for example, you sell goods, and give all the proceeds to charity. The second option is that you decided to try your website and test-hosted it on a free hosting. Or you have just started promoting the resource and if sales go, you can switch to a paid hosting plan.

The main advantage of free hosting is the absence of payments, but for an online store, reliability and stability of operation are still important in the first place. If you are hosted on a paid service, then the hosting provider guarantees you the operation of the site, its speed, security and accessibility.
There are no guarantees on free hosting, in addition, there is no high-quality technical support, which you will definitely need more than once during the operation of the site on the Internet.

If you decide to host your site on a free web service, then be prepared to make regular backups to your local computer and connect a monitoring system to monitor the availability of the site on the network.
If there are problems or errors, you will be able to transfer your site to a paid service, which will be significantly more reliable and safer for storing your data and your customers' data.

Be sure to consider these rules when choosing a free hosting:
On free hosting, in most cases you will be forced to place hosting ads in a prominent place on your site. Also, to receive a free tariff, you must provide a photo of identity documents.