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Started by GavinOwlsen, Nov 09, 2022, 03:25 AM

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GavinOwlsenTopic starter

GitHub Pages - I liked it, through git you do git push and a static web site in a couple of minutes on the network, with ip 6, ssl.
Are there any other similar solutions where you can fasten your domain and fill in a static web site?


I keep a static blog on the WordPress engine at Baguette, on a free tariff, for several years now and quite satisfied.
The only caveat is that when I designed the site, an SSL certificate was not provided for a free account, so I connected the free Cloudflare service to the domain, which, among other things, gives indefinite security certificates.

Else, there is SSH access with support for git and task scheduler. You can implement automatic unloading via the scheduler (git pull), or via hooks from Github. You can use a free third-level domain, or connect your own. ipv6, ssl is out of the box.


Easily deploy a static website in Render. Just link GitLab or GitHub repository and let it create your website and serve it on a global CDN. The best thing is that static sites with traffic up to 100 GB per month can be placed on Render for free.

After exceeding this limit, you will have to pay $0.10 per month for each gigabyte. Render offers automatic and continuous deployment and proactive cache cancellation. You can join employees to the project for free to get their help in managing the site.

Render offers the Pull Request Preview function, which allows you to automatically test and review the changes you have made before publishing. Hosting provides detailed bandwidth schedules, built-in HTTP/2 support to improve page loading speed, rewriting and redirection capabilities, so you don't need to write additional code and custom HTTP headers to improve performance and security.
To improve performance, Render offers automatic Brotli compression, which reduces page sizes and speeds up the work of sites.

Render also includes automatic redirects from HTTP to HTTPS, as well as an unlimited number of user domains. In addition to supporting simple HTML/JavaScript/CSS sites, it offers powerful site generators such as Create React Application, Jekyll, Vue.js, Gatsby, Hugo, Next.js and Docusaurus.

Its global CDN network is incredibly fast, secure and reliable, and they also cache all your content around the world to provide the best possible experience for users.

The Vercel platform, which can be called an all-in-one platform, offers the deployment of JAMstack and Static websites. It does not require configuration and works with any type of web infrastructure.

With each site, you get a preview URL that you can share with your team for collaboration.
Vercel delivers the highest site performance through scalable and simplified deployments. Just go to Git to spice up your site.

It supports popular frontend frameworks such as Next.js, Vue.js, React, Angular, Gatsby, Hugo, Nuxt, Ember and Svelte. On this platform, you can run instant tests for each deployment, and then release them with complete confidence. This facilitates integration with Git providers such as GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

In addition, Vercel offers dynamic site recovery using deployable hooks, which is convenient when working with CMS. You can create one page at a time, so you don't need to rebuild the entire site. Thanks to its ultra-fast global CDNs located in 70 cities, Vercel guarantees 99.99% availability.