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Started by Crevand, Sep 09, 2022, 02:36 AM

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CrevandTopic starter

Hello everybody, can anyone tell me from which free hosting I can start, so that later I can switch to paid hosting?
now I need to start again with something!
there is no opportunity for extra spending !


And then - when is it? For free, many can start, there is a test period for many.
I used it myself when I was doing my homework.

If the websites are static, then and gorgeous.


Well, I personally plan to host a trial site on InfinityFree hosting. First of all, because of the positive reviews and the guarantee of fault tolerance at the level of 99.9%. In addition: support for various autoinstall applications including WordPress, MySQL databases, and access to the Softaculous script installer for WordPress. Among other things, the hoster runs on the same platform (iFastNet) as its premium website offering. ;)


in general, I do not understand the meaning of free hosts now .... after all, a paid domain is both more beautiful and more pleasant.... and it is inexpensive... yes, and tailing is inexpensive in principle these days...
there is generally one foreign host.... for 9 backs a month, it seems to give 1TB of space... despite the fact that there is both a PHP, and database support, etc. in general, all is inclusive..