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Started by maxikk, Sep 08, 2022, 12:01 AM

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Hello everybody.
Guys, please advise the best (at your discretion) free web hosting for the first one-page novice layout designer.


A novice coder does not need to put his practice on the Net in principle. He will not be able to monetize it, nor will he be able to catch up with traffic. Then why bother so much at all? If you are a beginner, then there is still zero knowledge, practice on the locale, why put it on the Internet? I just can't understand the purpose.
You can use the basic tips when choosing web hosting.
I personally think that a good hosting cannot cost 3 penny.
Free hosting is such a solution for yourself, but you can take the same zzz hosting, it is without advertising, but it sculpts a link at the bottom of web hosting.
I'll tell you how I did for myself, watched promotions and promo codes for web hosting and, Google you will find. In general, for 2 bucks, I took hosting for myself for 1 year on the promotion, 5 websites and 8GB of space and it's enough, a year will pass, you can extend it or transfer everything to another hosting. The subscription contains a link to web hosting.


If you just want to dig around for practice, then this is one question. In your case, there will be a full-fledged working makeup artist's site, which will be used to buy traffic by one method or another. Driving paid traffic to a website with free hosting is an oxymoron. Go to any similar catalog of popular hosting sites and choose the cheapest one for a couple of dollars for a year on the promotion, it will be better than free.

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