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Started by arthyk, Sep 09, 2022, 05:01 AM

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Question about free hosting. I have a ready site, I don't want to pay for hosting. The project is in development and there will not be financial returns for a long time. Are there any hosting companies that don't advertise on my site, and I only need full JavaScript support? If there are, how do they compensate for the costs? Links are welcome.

WAO - Latvian free hosting with PHP is quite limited in terms of the possibilities of using hosting for various needs, MySQL databases are connected for a fee. - Foreign free hosting - Hosting is mainly intended to attract additional clients to the hosting provider, since this hosting is not given to those who need it most. And it is limited by the language of the site pages. - Free hosting with PHP 5-8 and MySQL is a very tempting offer among all other free hosting services - the parameters differ very favorably even from many paid hosting services. 2GB of disk and 10GB of traffic! Various exotic Ruby On Rails and other popular functions used by webmasters (CURL, XML DOM, GD Library) are supported, and most importantly, all this is absolutely ad-free! - This is where you can host a website for free - PHP 5-8, MySQL database, 250Mb of disk space, unlimited traffic, the ability to automatically install and configure a content management system or forum. Banner placement is required. There is an opportunity to expand the hosting capabilities for an additional fee. - Free hosting for a simple website is a heavily stripped-down version of paid web hosting, the purpose of which is to attract customers. Space - 100 MB, traffic - 1200 MB. There are no scripts, databases and other useful functions.