Free vps one gb ram

Started by Austin, Jun 19, 2022, 12:21 PM

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Does anyone have knowledge of a VPS hosting service that offers 1GB of RAM for free?


You can easily register for a free Amazon EC2 account that lasts for one year. At the end of the year, simply create a backup, register a new account, and restore the backup onto the new free EC2 account.


Quote from: Austin on Jun 19, 2022, 12:21 PMAnyone knows a free vps hosting with 1gb of ram?
There are several hostings with one gigabyte of RAM, for example, you can see them here. Here [nofollow] and here [nofollow]. With multiple configuration options. Each such service offers to set the necessary filters (for example, the amount of RAM, the number of cores and the frequency of the processor, etc.).


Kamatera provides a cloud VPS web hosting solution that offers access to a group of cloud servers across the globe, allowing for easy scaling of resources. The 30-day free trial is impressive, offering a generous $100/month credit for one cloud VPS, and prices are affordable even after the trial expires.

DigitalOcean's fully customizable cloud VPS, called Droplets, also offers an impressive free trial that provides a $100 credit for 60 days, with pricing afterward dependent on server configuration.

Scala Hosting offers both managed and unmanaged VPS plans, with the option to choose an inexpensive unmanaged plan for more advanced configuration options. SShield Security is a free artificial intelligence-enabled system that detects and blocks web attacks, and Scala Hosting allows for unlimited site transfers with its managed VPS plan.


When it comes to obtaining 1GB of RAM for free, it's essential to explore various avenues to secure this type of hosting without incurring additional costs.
Consider subscribing to mailing lists or newsletters of VPS hosting providers. Companies often announce special promotions or limited-time offers through these channels. By staying informed about upcoming deals, you might come across an offer for free 1GB RAM as part of a promotional campaign.

Furthermore, participating in online forums and communities related to web hosting can provide valuable insights. Users often share information about hosting providers that are running exclusive promotions, including those that offer free resources such as RAM for new customers.

Another way to access free RAM is by leveraging referral programs offered by hosting providers. Many companies incentivize existing customers to refer new clients by providing account credits or additional resources. By referring friends or colleagues to the hosting service, you may accumulate enough credits to unlock 1GB of free RAM.

It's important to note that while the allure of free resources is compelling, other aspects of hosting should not be overlooked. Assess the provider's reputation, uptime guarantees, customer support quality, and scalability options before committing to a hosting service.
Obtaining 1GB of free RAM from a VPS hosting service may require proactive research, staying abreast of promotions, and possibly participating in referral programs. By carefully navigating these opportunities, it's possible to access the resources you need without immediate financial outlay.