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Started by sonyrobin, Nov 30, 2022, 01:28 AM

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sonyrobinTopic starter

 I registered the domain for the TS3 server at, but how can I now send the domain to the IP if I set it to use the freenom DNS proper. Yes, there is a DNS record editor here, but it does not allow me to create a record.
Telling me: Error occurred: Invalid name in dnsrecord
What am I doing wrong?


Register a free account on Cloudflare, they provide their DNS servers there.
And on freenom, the DNS configuration functionality is very lousy. In particular, you cannot prescribe masks of the * etc.

And why do you need @ there in the record?
I don't use their DNS, although I use them as a registrar, but I suspect that they don't understand dogs, but they will accept emptiness. And they also took an asterisk to indicate that anything is sends to the specified IP.
And, yes, in the IP column it is necessary to write IP, not letters.


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