Frustration when moving a business to paid hosting

Started by arthyk, Oct 20, 2022, 07:15 AM

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Frustration when moving a business to paid hosting

All those 'wise men' who decided to start their business with free hosting, and then, after earning extra money, switch to paid hosting, the following awaits:

1. Search robots will most likely take your site as copied and ban you.

2. One way or another, but you will need to pay funds to transfer the site.

3. Your customers and other visitors don't really trust "move sites" and there is a possibility that they may go to your competitors.

Matthew Evans

Who creates a business on free hosting? You know, the avaricious carters twice... Although I agree, it comes with experience. I myself stepped on this rake a very, very long time ago - I started a site on a free hosting, promoted it, got good traffic and transferred it from the same hosting provider to a paid basis. I will say right away that transferring to a paid hosting cost more than if I kept it on a paid one all the time. In addition, the SEO of "transfers" works many times worse, and Google does not want to crawl some pages at all. The result - I abandoned the project and opened a new site with a normal hosting provider (wow, how many tears were shed because of the lost time and traffic).


Hosting is like renting a room for a store, hosting files of your project. It doesn't matter what kind of business you have: an online store or services. There are thousands of hosting companies on the web, and it's really easy to "break your head" trying to make the right choice. But it is really necessary to evaluate various factors: the reliability of the company, the quality of service and technical support.

You can, of course, take the first hosting that comes along, and it will work, but in the future you can get problems that will negatively affect the business. So, it is not recommended to do this, because it is much better to open a ready-made web hosting rating compiled by specialists. The top companies on the Russian market are represented in the rating by the link.
The quality of services is high in each company, the differences are only in the range of services and the tariff schedule.