Started by Alekset, Jul 01, 2022, 10:50 AM

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It is enough to place only one page with code for Javascript in order to support dictionaries via URL in the Android Glossas application. Hosting provider HostiMan provided a similar resource absolutely free. The traffic is not big, I think I'm not great burden them. If you need a full-fledged site, I will host here.


Quick HostiMan tech support overshadowed our acquaintance by refusing to help set up my store. To clarify, I tried to transfer my store to a web hosting with a PAID plan, but a FREE trial period. The purpose of this event was only one, to get acquainted with the work of the service, the speed of the website, and also see how everything works from the inside, incl. support.
Next, I would like to buy their package, albeit the most inexpensive one.
But I wasn't able to test my site on that hosting, because. technical support refused to help transfer my website, arguing that I am currently on a free period. Ok, so how do I test the site and your hosting, and what's the point of that free period?
As a result, I refused their services, I go on looking for a more responsive support.