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Started by AllenSays, Nov 18, 2022, 12:49 AM

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AllenSaysTopic starter

for example, I have registered a free hosting on the internet and I have such free domain.
on any other hosting, I suspect there is also a permanent free address?
or any hosting has its own ip address.

how can I find out both of these addresses by php?


Why does hosting have to have a permanent free address?
No one owes anyone, read the terms of service.
It is not necessary to provide it to you, hosting can work without it, as long as the domain name is registered, according to which the web server will determine which virtual host corresponds to the request.

The essence of your problem is a misunderstanding of how dns works and what happens when you request a domain name .

From the browser entered , the browser finds out its ip from the local machine (hosts file) if not, it searches for ns records of type A
Next, when he finds an ip, he sends a request to this ip with a header that contains the previously entered host in the browser
Next, the server to which the ip is assigned gives control to the web server (apache nginx, etc.)
And now this web server is already inside the server itself steering what and how to handle , in its configs , at least write abracadabra instead of the domain , the main thing is that the client from the web server would transfer the host.

If you need to find out the available domains, look in the control panel of the hosting management, if you do not find it, then write to the support.
On a vps , it all comes down to viewing configs .

Bob Bigelou

The problem is that all domain names that are registered in free hosting will be 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th level domains. Of course, all of them will be free from this particular provider. Yes, you are allocated an ip, but within the framework of the hosting provider. This means that a given hosting provider may have 10,000 ips, but they will not be dedicated. If you want to move from this provider with the same name, then you will most likely find that this name is taken by most of the 1st and 2nd level domains. If you want a separate Ip - get a dedicated Ip from a normal hosting provider.


No matter how good your internet portal is, it hasn't been known if it's hard for users to find .
Just like a good street address can help people find your apartment, a good domain name can help people find your site.
A good domain name is easy to remember and easy to write.
For example, if you have a website about cars, a good domain name would be If you have a website about recipes, a good domain name would be

Paul Scott

In the case of free hosting, slightly different rules work. A hosting provider that provides free domain and domain name services provides a virtual address, which of course has a third or fourth level domain name under it. It is by name that you can understand that this ip is virtual. From experience I will say this, one single permanent Ip can support from 100 to 600 virtual Ip addresses. Things are similar with hosting providers - they simultaneously provide about 100,000 virtual IPs that are downloaded from user to user (which is why they offer to create a unique domain name in a month). If we talk about how to find out ip, then this is often done in the control panel, of course, if you have access there and you do not use a shared server.