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Started by richardBranson, Aug 09, 2022, 09:14 AM

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richardBransonTopic starter

Hi. I need some good advice

I want to make an information website, now I'm looking for a good hosting provider.

What will be on the website:
1. Video, audio, photos, pictures, many articles (I want to add dally)
2. There will be a lot of files, so you need at least 15 GB of space
3. I want to reach at least 1k users per day

Hosting requirements are:
1. Price up to $5 per month
2. Adequate technical support
3. Preferably automatic CMS installation

I'm looking all good options. I may have missed something, so if there are comments write.


For the past six years, I have been keeping my websites (by the way, including informational ones) at Beget, the server is running smoothly, good tech. support.
I recently learned that it is possible to contact them not only by hosting site, but also by their telegram account in order to quickly solve any problems with the website.


Hello. I have about the same requirements in the search process. Here I am considering the option with, maybe it will suit you.
Of the features: unlimited database, unlimited attendance, 20GB of space, WordPress installer, automatic security certificate renewal, free domain.