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Started by antonyblack, Jul 11, 2022, 02:26 AM

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Hello! Now I am in India. Need a website for banking in this country. What is the best hosting to use for this? The site must comply with the law and work well!


A banking website must first of all withstand loads and work stably, so I advise you not to save on hosting and give preference to reliable companies that guarantee protection against hаcker attacks, have round-the-clock support, and provide the opportunity to rent hosting or a dedicated server. Among the popular hosting services that work in India, I can mention Hostinger and GreenGeeks.


I guess they use basic global bank hostings in India, considering they have private data centers in their country, probably they even might manage their operations themselves on some personal software. For your situation i guess you might just look for any trustworthy global bank hosting and it gonna work in India just the same as in other countries.

Zhess Flatcher

If you just want good and stable hosting in India, then choose (Rs. 80 for shared hosting). If you need to do business (banking), then it is better to look at offers from (150 rupees for normal hosting) or (400 rupees).


GreenGeeks is one of the most unique options for its environmental friendliness, but in general it is an excellent indien hosting.
In fact, GreenGeeks is one of our favorite hosts in general.
But Indian site owners may find GreenGeeks can be expensive, and that the host serves them less specifically.

1 unlimited number of sites
Unlimited storage
Impenetrable bandwidth
Wildcard SSL is enabled for all levels
LSCache or LightSpeed Cache enabled to speed up the site
Dedicated IP for the last level
Free website builder

Eco-friendly web  hosting, which is very rare
Unlimited storage and bandwidth for all levels
Free domain for all levels
Website builder
Excellent performance, in our testing.
greengeeks performance


Expensive compared to other options here, ESPECIALLY after the upgrade. Even the discounted prices are higher: from 225 to 911.99 pounds per month.
Although it takes customers all over the world, GreenGeeks is less optimized specifically for Indian customers
Hostinger may not seem super famous, but it's got over 29 MILLION customers (though, many of them use its free subsidiary service, 000webhost).
Hostinger focuses on ease of use and caters for a wide range of experiences. It is friendly towards developers, but also has a built-in control panel that looks very modern (see the picture above).
It also has some decent features for a low cost. However, mixed performance and inconsistent prices and information on web site are holding it back.
1 unlimited number of sites
10 GB, 20 GB and 100 GB of SSD storage on three levels.
100 GB for unlimited bandwidth
1 unlimited number of mailboxes
Caching and acceleration of WordPress
SSH access (a protocol that allows you to manage the web site securely), but only for the last two levels
Integration with GitHub

Decent prices with a range from £59 per month to £219 per month at the time of writing that topic. Keep in mind that this is the current sale price and it does not include the renewal price
"LiteSpeed Cache" and "WordPress Acceleration" that help speed up your web  site
Very convenient
Integration with GitHub is very unique and is great for collaboration or even for storing project files.

The performance was not the best in our testing, Despite maintaining 99.9% uptime guarantee, 99.9% is not as high.
The first level is very limited in databases, subdomains, email, and FTP accounts. Also, it doesn't have a free domain or backups.
Hostinger always has some kind of sale (as in the screenshot above). It's frustrating if you're trying to budget in advance and the renewal prices are less impressive.
The information on web site may be contradictory. For instance, it says that the first level has weekly backups, and also says that that is not the case.
HostGator is the main name in web hosting, there with Bluehost and GoDaddy. Founded in a dorm room in 2002, it's grown to service hundreds of thousands of customers and win several awards.
It is now a subsidiary of Endurance International Group or EIG, a web hosting conglomerate that also owns Bluehost.
This brings some good options to the table, but ultimately does not provide the same value for your money as the other options above on that list.

From 1 to an unlimited number of domains
Linux, Windows and application hosting
10 GB for unlimited storage
100 GB into unmeasured bandwidth
5 unlimited number of mailboxes
Unlimited databases at all levels
SSL certificate is enabled for all levels. Higher levels have better SSL.

Choosing Windows or Linux
In addition, the shared hosting application allows you to get web hosting not only for WordPress, but also for competitors such as Joomla and Drupal. It's a little more unique
Prices are good for longer terms (5 years of the first level of is 89 per month)
Among the most flexible prices I've seen: you can pay upfront for one month, several months, one year or several years
After the first level, solid resources are allocated
The ability to select the server location

More expensive if you want to fix for a shorter period of time, compared to other options here
The choice of Indian servers is more expensive than American
Free domain is not included
The differences between the levels are a bit small in terms of capabilities



Hi, I am agree with @Zhess Flatcher about I think it will best choice for you. You can trust this hosting for sure! Hope you can open your hosting with no problems.