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Started by ManiQuadraIncorp, Oct 20, 2022, 02:50 AM

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I personally have tried a lot of web services, both paid and free.
it's the same everywhere. tech support responds every three hours. and if you are drunk and want to communicate? or blew and chase hunting? in short, I gave up on everything and settled on the hostlife:

they have mega-active technical support. they have a ticket system. these are appeals to support. plus a chat where they respond within a couple of minutes.
plus a bunch of mobile phones of all Ukrainian operators and even Russian operators, plus accounts in all messengers and social networks.
shortly, it depends on what you smoked there and you can perform. the choice is huge and they have soap.
this is if you want to talk to the director.

I recommend hostlife to everybody well, write where in your opinion tech support is cooler - I'm singing.
oh, I forgot)) on the hostlife, you can even write without registering in the support chat. well, if I forgot my log pass, how am I blue))) I just wrote my mail to them in the chat and they sent me a log pass in 2 minutes.


And what is this all about? Or that hosting is only needed for this?
how much more will you write about it?
then he is surprised that the hosting provider has a ticket system. This is the latest invention! And 20 years have not passed since the invention, and they have tickets. It's fucking easy!

I can't get enough of my Happiness!! I found what I was looking for for a long time, the sites are flying (FLYING!!), the response has become minimal, the traffic and load holds perfectly, I have a lot of sites and gradually transfer everything here to goodhost. There was other host for the same money as on goodhost +- but, their CPU is constantly going off scale, then the number of files and once they turned off all 30 sites altogether, just like that))I also tried zomro-it's generally trash, I don't recommend it - tight, stupid, slow, expensive.
In general, I recommend goodhost!!