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Started by arthyk, Sep 26, 2022, 04:48 AM

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Does anyone know if there is any service - monitoring of free hosting providers? I use similar monitoring for currency exchangers. I wonder if there is such a site for searching and selecting a hosting provider? I think the selection parameters are obvious here ... Or if not for free hosting, maybe there is for regular ones?  ::)


Adding new functionality may affect web hosting services: for example, sites may be unavailable due to bugs. Therefore, it is important that the layout is gradual: if problems arise, they can be solved quickly and with minimal losses.

To secure customer sites, REG.RU uses a pipelined layout approach with three stages of testing:
-- functionality is updated on 5% of servers;
-- an hour later, the same functionality is added to another 5% of servers;
-- step by step, with an interval of 1 hour, changes are made to another 15%, 25% and 50% of servers.

The changes take effect within an hour. At this time, specialists check requests from client services and alerts of the monitoring system.
If something goes wrong in the process of laying out, it can be quickly corrected.