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Started by Atcomaart, Oct 19, 2022, 02:34 AM

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AtcomaartTopic starter

Sorry for the possible repetition of such a question. Need advice on choosing a hosting provider.
Interested in virtual hosting with the following requirements:
- minimum "space" is 500Gb
- two web sites
- 1 ftp account
- support .htaccess and SSI
- no traffic limits (otherwise I will fill 100Gb of files there, and the site will be blocked for exceeding incoming traffic over outgoing traffic)
- not more than $100 per year, but better - cheaper

for a private hobby web site (scans of magazines, documentation, photos on the topic of old equipment).
The load is minimal. PHP, SQL, mail are not required.

Well, without pitfalls (when it turns out that the tariff 500Gb or unlimited in place is "not for file storage").
Thank you for your help.



We offer you the cheapest option of a dedicated server:
• AMD Opteron / 16GB RAM / 2x2TB SATA + 100Mbps unlimited traffic + any Linux OS + 1 IPv4
• Price: 27 USD/month
• Possible locations: France and USA

We also recommend that you consider the options available for VPS on our web site:
To clarify the questions of interest, we recommend contacting our company's specialists on Skype or chat on the website.
Our experts will advise you on any issue.


there are no unlimited resources in life. Just like on your personal computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, the resources of the hosting provider's servers are limited. These limitations are related to the amount of RAM, the volume and number of hard drives or SSD drives, the performance and number of processors, as well as other server resources.
Naturally, each of the resources requires considerable investments for the hosting provider. In addition to the server itself, there are restrictions on the bandwidth of communication channels, i.e. the speed and width of the channel from the server to the Internet provider. In turn, Internet service providers also have their own limitations.

When buying hosting for your website, you rent a cell on the hosting provider's server. Besides your site, there are thousands of other sites on the same server. Virtual hosting service is a budget way to install your website on the Internet. Usually this service is inexpensive and the hosting provider relies on a large number of clients on the server to recoup their costs.
Realizing this, it is not difficult to notice that the proposed "unlimited" hosting, in fact, is far from unlimited.