Is free hosting really free?

Started by 1234567471234, Aug 05, 2022, 01:32 PM

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Is it really true that free hosting is free? Aren't there any build-in way to get your money? Or maybe the support team will be paying attention to you only if you really pay them? I understand that it is work and resources and you must be paying for that anyway. But if they call it free, do they actually mean it?


Free hosting is really free. Works with restrictions on GB, CPU load. Support is not always available. On free hosting, as a rule, you can keep 1 site and 1 database.


Probably, nobody will do something for free! Unfortunately, free hosting is really free just for some time, and afterwards, unfortunately, you will have to pay, especially if you want to increase and develop abilities of your resource. 


Guys, take a simple thought: "If you don't pay for a commodity, you yourself are a commodity.
I hope that's , - understandable, right?

From my own experience - made friends personal sites, the oldest of which feels great since 2013.
There is little traffic, only their friends. There are not a lot of executable scripts, a minimum load on the php-interpretator.
Photos, short articles, that sort of thing.
Everything I could, I cached, optimized, etc..
No one pays for anything, and the sites live online.
Well, it's good, right?

Would you like to host an online store on free hosting? No, it will not work. Organize exceeding access limits to mySQL, exceeding CPU resources, and so on. Shut down.
And you will begin to pay.
Be prepared for this.
Good, at least a little money.  :D 


Free hosting is always a roulette for a while. For a while, everything may be fine, but one way or another, you will have to start paying for the space you occupy. You also need to understand that free - little space, delays in support and low priority. As a temporary solution, it can work, but you should immediately look for a normal hosting at an affordable price.


Yes, they really mean it - it's free, in terms of money. But you will naturally pay, pay with your resources, that is, the resources of your site, or the information that you provide. In general, the same as all users of social networks pay - "human resource" in the informational sense. :-\

Henri O`neill

After many mistakes, I, like many web masters, realized that free hosting is the evil that is outside the brackets. Yes, in most cases it is. What I mean is that you get free hosting with limited Ftp (sometimes huge) level 3 or worse. There are also good hostings that give you complete freedom - installing cms, prescribing code and other goodies, but in most cases everything is curtailed.
Unfortunately, this comes with experience, but such sites are a test for the owners themselves - to get feedback, determine the load, find out how the "client" behaves, and so on. As a test, free hosting is trustworthy, but nothing more.