Need a good and easy hosting for a new site.

Started by a112, Jul 10, 2022, 11:55 AM

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We plan to create a new website, selling tourism services + news, articles, etc.
I am a beginner and not friendly with codes and so on, I need an easy-to-configure hosting, with easy templates, technical support (fast and high-quality), reliable, with unlimited bandwidth.
From the beginning I was thinking about Wix, but I read reviews and so on a lot of complaints about speed, technical support and they say they are not friends with Google.
Which hosting should I consider first? It is desirable to throw links directly) for review.


Maybe someone will refute me, but an easy-to-configure hosting + easy templates is a direct path to further very big problems.

If you need a personal page with a story about yourself, then you can, but I would not recommend placing a serious project on such sites.

Selling services in tourism requires high quality content, a well-thought-out website structure (thought out, including using SEO at an early stage of website creation), high speed, and so on and so forth. In other words, all this is relevant for any business project.

It is much easier to create a good site from scratch than to remake a "supposedly" simple and easy template, made on your own CMS and hosted on your own hosting.


The easiest way to create a news or information site without any programming skills or understanding code is to create a WordPress site. As for hosting, I can recommend Bluehost hosting, which I often recommend for hosting WordPress sites. It is enough to choose a tariff, pay for the service and select the type of WordPress engine in the control panel. Next, you can upload a theme for the site and easily fill it with content in the admin panel. Everything is extremely simple.


Your message is placed in the free hosting section, which means that at the initial stage you will use this option. I can recommend Infinityfree. In principle, they are based on the same resources as byethost, but, as it seemed to me, are more stable. There are definitely fewer failures for accessing the MySQL database. In addition, they provide free SSL certificates, there are several options to choose from.
I myself am now testing Awardspace, the first impressions are quite positive, but these guys on the free package severely limit mail, something is also not entirely clear with MX records. They do not provide certificates.
Now I'm very busy, I'll be free a little, I'll continue testing. I'll let you know about the results.

And yes, you do not need to use any Wix and others. Here above wrote why.


Free domain can be obtained by registering on different sites. The same Microsoft Azure or Oracle (not advertising). Usually they provide a trial period or a trial amount, which can be used in order to continue using their services for a fee. I think it's good to use for free for a while


Hi! If you need a simple hosting, convenient to use, then I can advise you Bluehost. This hosting has excellent technical support, which works quickly, as well as many interesting functions to work with

Connon Bootman

You have created a topic in the Free Hosting Discussion topic, which means absolutely free hosting. I will give you a list of three sites that, in my opinion, are the best, but you should understand that it is difficult to promote a project on such hosting, but there you can practice with codes, with the WordPress manager and constructor. Understand the features, you can even promote them, but don't expect a big effect.
In general, here is my list of free hosting:


InterServer offers a simple and direct approach to shared web hosting. There is only one tariff plan (Standard) with unlimited storage space and network bandwidth, as well as a single set of impressive features. The cPanel control panel interface, unlike technical support (if you know English at least at a basic level, there should be no problems).

A2Hosting has been in this market for a long time and has proven itself thanks to good connection speeds and stable operation.

Secondly (more importantly), A2 offers an indefinite money-back guarantee for all tariff plans, that is, even after 30 days you will still be able to receive a refund for the remaining period of services that you will not use. In fact, you won't lose your money.

SiteGround may not be the best option for you. At the same time, the cheapest StartUp tariff plan offers a good set of services for this money: thanks to additional technical support and convenient functions, it will be very easy for you to make your first web site.

What to expect when buying a StartUp joint tariff plan:
Managed WordPress services. WordPress will automatically install and adjust to your account. WordPress will also be updated automatically, backups will be created, and developers will be able to get WP-CLI access.
Extended technical support for WordPress.
Most web  hosting companies do not deal with problems with WordPress, but SiteGround employees are ready to provide you with professional technical support on any issue.
Tools for web site management. These include SiteGround's own control panel. Unlike cPanel, it is specially designed for WordPress-based web sites, and its interface is much more convenient.
A wizard to get started with WordPress. Once you log in to your account, WordPress Starter will help you create your first website. You will be able to choose from several premium templates, as well as add portfolio and online store functionality to the web site.
The StartUp plan is limited to one site and 10 GB of storage space, but there will be no problems if you need a personal site or a web site for a small business. At the same time, advanced caching and most of the development tools are opened only with a GrowBig or GoGeek subscription.

And if you pay more?
If you switch to the GrowBig tariff plan, you will get the following important features:

A proprietary tool from SiteGround SG Optimizer, a caching plugin that improves web site performance
Data transfer in one click for safe testing of new elements
Tools for working together on a project in a team
If you are engaged in web development, then the GoGeek tariff plan is more suitable for you, where you will get more resources, Git integration, priority in technical support and the ability to provide services to your customers under the "white label" scheme.