Need hosting with a lot of space for static. inexpensive solution

Started by yangss01, Oct 31, 2022, 01:46 AM

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yangss01Topic starter

I need at least 600GB of space for static content (images). I don't need a lot of RAM or cores, you don't need PHP.
I just need to give pictures by URL. Where to go, please tell me? So that it costs not $50/month, but more budget-friendly.
100 megabits and unlimited traffic is desirable. Here I found something with an infinite place, did someone use it?


If still relevant - there is a VPS with 512GB HDD
The cost in rubles is about $15.
You can order by following the link -

Will another Storage VPS 500 GB for 10 euros suit you?


If we are talking about a small project that does not need advanced server settings, then virtual hosting or CMS hosting (optimized for a specific site management system) is suitable. When choosing a service provider, pay attention to:
Traffic restrictions.
The ability to scale.
Availability of backup.
Feedback on the stability of the work.
You can start with the minimum tariff – it is suitable for a business card website, landing page, personal blog, a small company website. If you realize that there are few opportunities and capacities, you can always change the tariff plan and connect additional resources, for this you do not need to move the site or make any large-scale changes.

Try to test different hosting services (if the provider has a free trial period) – Google PageSpeed tools allow you to assess the stability of hosting and the speed of its operation.