Need to find a web service that would provide free hosting

Started by jckdear, Jul 25, 2022, 04:58 AM

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jckdearTopic starter

Slowly started to study website building,
I want to try to place the written training sites on the Internet,
but for this I need to find a web server that would provide free hosting service.

Can you advise something?


After some years of ordeals, I came to ready-made ucoz-type constructors.

It's not about simplicity, it's about guarantees. WordPress was the best, BUT. But in my conditions,
I definitely needed free hosting service, I used many of them, international ones, and ALL of them are "crooked", and after deleting the site due to low traffic (a non-profit charitable area near the site), I decided not to "burn myself" anymore. In principle, people correctly spoke about free hosting service - free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

It's a shame, because time, work was invested in the site, there were plans for the project. With ucoz, there are no problems with "deleting sites due to low traffic." If you need, so to speak, figuratively speaking, "a platform for the project, which is developed by the creators of the platform themselves and take care of the users," then I settled on the good old ucoz, this is a former people, I myself began to study html from the people a long time ago.

Lucas Babcock

If you need a site purely to advertise some lessons without further commercial use, then I would recommend:

However, if in the future you want to turn free lessons into paid ones and create a point of income from this, then you will have many problems and questions. It is also worth considering that free hostings have different engines that can be completely different from your lessons. As an entry point, I would recommend WordPress or Wix.
I would still recommend you to buy at least a cheap hosting, for example for $2. Even the most budget hostings have a whole set of tools with the ability to choose an engine and other useful things for website building.


Byethost is another bourgeois free web hosting and again very good. There is everything a webmaster can dream of — a gigabyte for files, PHP and MySQL, five databases, a full-fledged file .htaccess, as well as the absence of advertising.
What more could you want? Probably stability, but this can only be verified empirically.

ZZZ is a Ukrainian provider that provides a free web  hosting service with very good declared parameters and without advertising. How things really are, you can check only in practice and unsubscribe a little lower in the comments.

Beget is a free web hosting option from a fairly large provider.
Actually, everything is shown in the screenshot. Not that it's very generous, but it's quite digestible. The question again is reliability and stability. One can hope that a large brand gives some kind of guarantee for the sanity of technical support and the stability of servers.

With ZZZ hosting, not everything is so simple. After a year of free access, an ad for web hosting provider itself will appear at the top of each page with the inscription " this page is hosted for free on if you are the owner of this page, you can remove this message and get access to many additional services and benefits when upgrading your hosting to PRO or VIP for just 32.50 UAH.
Would you like to support the owner of that web site? Click here to donate to his account. The webmaster will be able to pay for any of our services, including the removal of these ads"


Quote from: jckdear on Jul 25, 2022, 04:58 AMCan you advise something?

Try googiehost. The terms and conditions are more than attractive.
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There are, of course, significant "minuses" - they do not give everyone.
They do not give free domains owners for sure, they look at other domains/sites, evaluate them according to their criteria, and only then they can approve the service, or not approve it.
I hope you are lucky.  ;)