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Started by Charlesth, Jul 30, 2022, 03:10 AM

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CharlesthTopic starter

Paid hosting. When you take your project more or less seriously, you need to look for a stable and fast paid hosting for your site, project.

What I want to say. I myself have been using paid solutions for a long time. It also motivates me to do something. But this does not mean that solutions should only be paid and you just need to spend and everything will work out by itself. No, I'm only talking about honesty in terms of license.

How to reduce costs, risks. I saw a cool and ethical way to add. earnings on the website, it dawned on me! We use the hosting that we consider the best for ourselves and why not place its banner on the site. Why not highlight a small block of advertising for your hosting. It's a matter of five minutes!

At the same time, I want to note that such advertising is appropriate, it is not intrusive, and you do not impose it on anyone. Website visitors will know what hosting you use and will be able to try it as well.

At the same time, the registered webmaster, on your recommendation, so to speak, will bring you profit, which you can convert to your hosting and thus not even pay more for it! I saw this when I registered just one person with shared hosting for 5 sites, and now my 2 sites are working for free!

It's like an additional financial cushion for your websites.

Additional cases. You can also create a weblog post about the benefits of your hosting and share it on social networks. And maybe someone will register, pay and help you. At the same time, you will not need to look for regular users, only if you do not decide to make money on this, you only need one invited partner.

Some hosting providers give promotional codes, and thereby you will not only reduce costs yourself, but also for those who register using your promotional code.

In fact, this is a very mutually beneficial model, and there is nothing wrong with such advertising. The main thing I wanted to say is that it is not necessary to look for and advertise somewhere on very popular resources, you can talk about it on your own resource and share it on social networks. networks. This business is not difficult, just in search of cool tools, the idea that you already have good hosting is somehow forgotten. However, at the same time, there will always be a person among friends who needs this shared hosting as well.


This is not a cost reduction, this is earnings on the affiliate program. Reduction is when you can get rid of some of the services imposed by hosting provider.
The method of earning in principle works, but for this it is desirable to have an audience of your websites more or less close to webmasters, otherwise it is better to place ads that are closer to the subject of the site.

And yes, I have no particular desire to advertise my hosting provider, I just don't want to pull a well-functioning site.