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Started by seogitler, Aug 14, 2022, 06:56 AM

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seogitlerTopic starter

Please advise the cheapest hosting provider, but the highest quality for two small information websites for women.
Specifications are not very important. The main thing is to work steadily.


You need to choose "cheaper" with adequate service.
I have been using iphoster for many years up to 3 bucks monthly.
Many more use webhost1.
The main thing is that 500 errors do not fly from these two sites.

I wouldn't skimp and choose the cheapest hosting for a normal, white hat website. The price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive but small hosting will be $1-$3 per month. This is not the kind of money worth saving on a white site. Who knows what the cheapest hosting saves on, and one day, your site can simply fly away to nowhere. And moving, the task is the same.

I would also advise you to look in the direction of eternal hosting. Yes, it's a little more expensive, it happens that even slightly I found for shares for $30, eternal and stable hosting. It depends, of course, how developed your project is, for a beginner it is better to choose a cheap or free one, for a large project it is more expensive and more powerful. Well, for an average project, the eternal one is quite suitable, you paid once and you don't worry about constant payments, because. This hosting is done very well.


I would personally recommend you . This is a cheap and practical hosting, there are no lags on it at all, it's easy to work. A lot of space on your hosting. You can also register a domain on it. The best protection against hаckers, you can always be sure of its protection. Administration 24/7.

Zhess Flatcher

The word "cheap" and "good" are incompatible, so I will advise you reliable and stable, with its pluses and minuses. has been operating since 1998, so in terms of longevity there are few competitors, and the price is $2. And I also recommend you, It has been operating for 19 years, has a wide range of bonuses - DDoS protection, SSL certificates and more. Price - from $2.


I use a VPS from Time4VPS company, on the Openvz engine, a large selection of operating systems with a pre-installed control panel.
The personal account is convenient.

1 TB Plan
€ 3 48/mo.
1 x 1.90 GHz
Guaranteed CPU
1024 MB RAM
1024 GB HDD (1TB)

2 TB Plan
€ 6 98/mo.
1 x 1.90 GHz
Guaranteed CPU

2048 MB RAM

2048 GB HDD

4 TB Plan
€ 13 99/mo.
1 x 1.90 GHz
Guaranteed CPU
4096 MB RAM
4096 GB HDD 4TB

Tariff plans