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Started by Alekset, Oct 02, 2022, 07:24 AM

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AleksetTopic starter

Think about it yourself, do you need extra trouble with free hosting? In addition, the power on such hosting is small and it will be difficult for it to pull, for example, a site. I'm all for quality! Which is what I advise you.

Sue Nelson

Not everything is so clear. It can be useful for beginners to start a free hosting - they will understand what CMS are, how to configure sites and components, and learn the differences between the concepts of "second domain level" and "third domain level". I agree that for full-fledged work and promotion, free hosting is not suitable - it's like advertising a product. One way or another, but the meaning of free hosting is not zero, however, for full-fledged work and functionality, it is clearly not enough.


Personally, I started my "path to the Internet" with free hosting. This helped me decide on the further choice of a hosting provider and clearly understand the differences between paid and free services. It's like in programming: before taking on a serious project, everyone writes their own program "Hello World!". ;)


When you create a free site, free hosting usually includes 500MB of cloud storage and 500MB of bandwidth. By going premium, you can get up to 20 GB (or more) of cloud storage and unlimited bandwidth for your site.
More memory means more space for your pictures, videos, music and files. The extra bandwidth allows visitors to view and download your content faster.
Thus, free hosting is just right for beginners.


When hosting a website for free, remember that it is free. Surely somewhere in the offer it will be written that the service is not responsible for anything and can erase, copy, assign or resell your data at any time.

Free hosting with full support for everything that can be useful. The service is so confident in itself that it offers full unlimited disk size, number of databases and traffic. Technical support is also available.