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Started by fallfro, Nov 27, 2022, 09:11 AM

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I decided to share a story that happened to me at work today. I know that all people are different and all have different technical skills, it just turned out to be a very funny conversation :)
So I work for an American hosting company, we sell domains, hosting and all sorts of things. A woman calls me and such a dialogue unfolds (I - I, W - Woman):

- (W) Hello, I need to buy a login.

- (I) Please clarify what do you mean? Maybe you want to buy a domain?

- (W) No, it says here that I need a login to log in! I want to buy it.

- (I) Where is it written? What site are you currently on?

- (W) On Facebook.

Here I'm stuck, because I can't catch the connection between FB and our company. The thought immediately flew through my head, are we hosting FB? That well, whatever, it can't be. I'll ask a couple more questions to understand what's going on at all.

- (I) Please tell us what happened and how did you decide that you need to buy a login?

- (W) I was blocked at FB because I went to a lot of pages and looked at all the photos. They said I was suspicious and blocked me.
Now I need to buy a login so that I can continue to look at photos.

- (I) You most likely need to contact the FB technical support service to have your account unblocked!

- (W) NO! They write that I need a login! How to buy it? You understand, I was looking on the Internet for how to buy it and your website came out! Sell it to me!

- (I) can only sell you a domain, but this will not help restore access to FB in any way. Please contact their support service.

- (W) I don't understand anything! Okay, goodbye!


It was necessary to sell her the FB login. Teach her to register.
It's a pity for such people, but on the other hand, my father-in-law is the same.