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Started by Greenleesh, Oct 08, 2022, 02:36 AM

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I plan to change the hosting provider. At first everything was fine, the support reacted quickly to the tickets.
But lately I see that the hosting has begun to bend, it feels like the owners have started to score on the quality of work. And you will not get support answers through tickets. Tired of knocking on nowhere.
Where to go? Traffic is white  Europe, shared hosting is needed, I don't see the point in taking VPS.


google cloud
keep up with the times) and then you will stay overboard)

and so ovh is extremely democratic
generally, look at the market leaders.


Multiple servers are better than one super powerful one.
Even one client can disable web server. Even multi-level protection cannot exclude such a possibility. If a large number of clients will be on one mega server, then if it is unavailable, absolutely everyone will suffer. To solve this problem, when creating a hosting, you need to use several servers. Let them be with lower performance, but the provider and the client get more benefits.

Advantages of using multiple web servers:
Reliability – if there are problems on one of web servers, then it will not affect all the users' clients.
The source of the problem can be found much faster, because very often the error must be searched manually.
If one of the web servers is unavailable, then only its clients will contact technical support.
Server overload due to client projects is reduced to almost zero. The smaller the number of users, the more resources they can use.