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Started by gomez, Nov 29, 2022, 03:57 AM

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I got confused by website, I wanted to make my own online store, I climbed around and found out to free programmers / scribes I have no complaints about them, probably the market has developed, where every step costs money or I'm behind life, I repeat without complaints. Most of all, I was surprised by the thesis on what budget you expect for so much and we will do it, in my understanding, when the sausage seller comes to the store, he will ask how much money I have and will weigh sausages for everything.

I myself am not a clerk, so I turned to the designers, I suspect they are made by specially trained programmers, for which I thank them.
I bought a domain.
Set up a "corporate" mail.

Then the designers, poked everything, it seems, chose three

I started with WordPress from left to right, they shout simple as AKM, but how much I don't hammer, well, there is no result, more precisely, something turns out but sad and clumsy, I suspect you need to add some plugins, only Elementor has mastered and something is moving somehow sad.
Then Lpmotor seems to be nothing at the rate of 3 sites can be done for hosting 6.5 per year +management statistics one big minus is that you will transfer it from there if I decide to change hosting

The next Tilda In my opinion is the friendliest at the very beginning, by the way, he pushed me away for some reason, but after poking the Vicks, the Ukoz returned to him the same big minus is that it is not possible to transfer hosting and 6 thousand a year, maybe it will not be necessary, but still.
How is a selling site generally done, there are templates on the designers, any freelancer offers to do something for 5-100 thousand, but somehow it's all so blurry and not specific, and again it will be written in the code if you change it, then contact him.

I watched a bunch of videos on Youtube from lessons to stories, I just blinded everything, launched it and voila -it works
My own question is what needs to be screwed into Wordpress so that it is as friendly as Lpmotor and Tilda.  Hosting will be taken out of brackets for now, in principle, the amount is not large, but I will always have time to pay, while Wordpress for $2 to try.

The goal is one-to sell wires, well, and so on small things, no more than 10 items, cash / cashless / kickbacks / bonuses. Maybe it's a landing page, like the main product and small things on other screens /pages....

P.S. Although I clearly understand that I will not be able to simultaneously conduct sales-shipments / deliveries-website and accounting.
I won't be able to convince someone to work for an idea, although I'm still moving that way myself, but I have my own clear goal, to open it up.


What kind of TT is the result.

Do not forget that it is worth dividing such moments:
The visual part of the site is the creation or purchase of a template, if you need a redesign of the template = pay.
Setting up the editing functionality (admin panel) - the more requirements, the more likely it is that you will need to buy or order the creation of add-ons \ plugins.

SEO - well, here personally I would Google for a start, since the topic is complex, and no one can guarantee you 100% result.


I'll tell you a secret - freelance site developers have not written anything in code for a long time. Piece-by-piece development is an expensive thing.
They will take the same WordPress in the same way, throw plugins and a theme on it, and fill it with your data.

In a good way, if you have the time and desire, watch the video on WordPress, it's really simple - the main thing there is to understand how everything is organized in it.
I am sure that for any of your needs, lines of code will not need to be written - everything will be blocked with ready-made plugins. The online web store plugin is there, analytics is there, promotion is there.


Quite a normal service among other site designers. I am glad that nothing is hanging and the templates after filling with content do not begin to live their lives and lag)
The price suits me in principle. If you competently approach the creation of the site, then it turns out very well.