What is the difference between paid and free hosting

Started by priveet, Aug 05, 2022, 09:02 AM

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priveetTopic starter

I'm new to hosting and I still don't understand why people buy paid hosting if you can use free ones. If someone tells me about a significant difference, then I will be very grateful.


The difference is huge. Free hosting is limited in size, access speed, hardware speed, software and additional features on the server for ease of use, as well as security. In addition, in most cases, the provider places advertising banners on your pages, which also does not contribute to the normal functioning of your site. :-\

Colin Clark

The difference is of course great, I'm not even talking about the software provided for an individual user, but about the fact that the functionality is very limited. Let's start with the fact that you are offered a third-level domain. We look further - the search engine with such sites works worse, or rather, it is more difficult to promote them to the top. Many free hostings do not provide access to css and programming codes for pages.
There are also positive aspects - free of charge, and besides, you can transfer third-level hosting to the second for a fee.


If you are serious about running your site and not worrying about security, then you definitely need to buy a hosting plan. Free cheese is only in the mousetrap. Free hosting is only good for seeing what your project will look like.


  The security, network bandwidth, and port speed of free and paid web hosting are often the same. Hosting features are the only difference. Additional disk space, data transfer, scripting support, and email accounts are some of these features.

Olga Gelever

I used to think there was no difference either. It turned out that it was huge. When you're just "messing around", free hosting services are also suitable. But for any larger projects, free ones are no longer enough: not the same reliability, volume, and the work begins to fail


You can host your web site on both paid and free hosting. This is where their similarity ends. Next, we will talk about the differences between free and paid hosting.
Choosing a free hosting web service, you will receive a huge amount of advertising on your website as a gift. This advertisement is alien and of a different nature, so it will have the most negative effect on attracting a new audience.
An important nuance is the speed. Being on a free web hosting, do not expect to see sane fault tolerance and performance.

Another problem is indexing sites on free hosting. This procedure is much slower, if at all, than on a paid web hosting. A site that is not indexed has no chance of success and popularity.
In addition, you cannot choose a good domain name on a free hosting. Usually it is a third-level domain . Having a website with such a domain, it is difficult to count on its success.

And the last thing is technical support. If you have any problems, then no one will be in a hurry to help you fix these problems.

What will you get by switching to paid hosting?
The absence of someone else's advertising and the ability to place your own;
fast and successful indexing of the site in search engines;
the ability to choose a beautiful and short domain ;
the speed and reliability of the equipment;
professional and responsible technical support.
So if you want to make a serious and long-term project, then choose only paid web hosting.